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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Ancient Reserve Single Malt Scotch

750 ml.


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750 ml.
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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Ancient Reserve Single Malt Scotch  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

96 pts.: 12/1/2013

Luxe and easy-sipping. Look for enticing notes of butterscotch, baked pear, cinnamon and clove on the nose and palate, swathed in just the right amount of smokiness.

95 pts. : ,

The smoke, which for long marked this aroma, appears to have vanished. But the usual suspects of blood orange and various other fruit keep appear to thrive in the lightly salted complexity; how long are you allowed to actually keep the whisky held on the palate before you damage your teeth? One to really close your eyes and study here because we have one of the most complex deliveries Speyside can conjour; the peat may have gone, but there is coal smoke around as the juicy barley embeds with big fat sultanas, plums, dates, and grapes. Despite the distinct lack of oil, the mouthfeel is entirely yielding to present one of the softest and most complete essays on the palate you can imagine…

92 pts. : September 12, 1999

Bright gold, with a light amber cast. Sweet apple, light toasted grain and honeyed aromas. Soft, smooth texture. Fairly rounded and subtle entry with a good measure of peppery, spicy components. Finishes with a touch of heat.

90–95 pts. : July, 2001

First nosing offers a strong whiff of paraffin and an almost herb garden quality. Later passes find a floral scent that’s most reminiscent of jasmine, apples and freshly cut oak. the palate entry is sturdy, firm and properly oaky. The midpalate highlights the caramel-vanilla taste of oak as well as baked apple. the aftertaste is medium long, green, grassy and easy. Defines the term “finesse.” Very nice job.

90–95 pts. : December 1, 2007

The bouquet offers tightly wound aromas of light caramel and unsweetened baker’s chocolate; following aeration the bouquet turns slightly baked and caramelized. The palate entry is supple, semisweet and mildly honeyed; the midpalate features detectable flavors of coconut, peach cobbler and dark caramel. Concludes with beany notes of coffee and cocoa.

: March 1, 2007

The bronze/honey color is immensely appealing and bright under the lamp; flawless purity. In the first couple of minutes after the pour, the nose emits tightly wound aromas of light caramel and unsweetened baker’s chocolate; following another seven minutes of aeration, the bouquet turns slightly baked and caramelized, offering succulent fragrances of maple, old saddle leather, apricot pastry entry is supple, semisweet, and mildly honeyed; the midpalate stage features seriously delectable flavors of coconut, peach cobbler, and dark caramel. Concludes with beany notes of coffee and cocoa.

: Feb 28, 2011

SPICY - A titan born of Bourbon and oloroso casks, with something for everyone. A big nose of honey, leather and dried apple turns to spice, cinnamon and licorice in the mouth, becoming toasty. The great billowing, blossoming finish features lots of sweetness and nuttiness.

: February, 2001

Soft aromas of almonds, orange rind and cherries. Pepper and dark fruit flavors, with dusty oak, cherry, coconut and dill notes; plums and walnuts in the lengthy finish.