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Laphroaig 10 Year Old

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky | 750 ml.


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750 ml.
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12 bottles

Laphroaig 10 Year Old | Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

92 pts. : ,

Amber, with gold streaks. Its aroma and flavor is fresh, powerful, and medicinal, with notes of peat smoke, band-aids, tar, rich toffee, seaweed, and brine. Thick in body, with an almost molasses-like viscosity.

91 pts. : ,

Less intense peat smoke, much silkier delivery than usual with the sweetness all up front as the peat dovetails in and out of the barley — more complex; a drier finale with a shade more caramel.

89 pts.: 5/1/1997

Full golden appearance. Medium-bodied. Salt, iodine, peat, smoke. A fragrant nose of medicinal peat and heather leads an oily feeling palate with a big kick of iodine and seaweed flavors racing through the finish. Essence of Islay, and not for the faint hearted.

86 pts. : January 1, 1999

Colour: Full, refractive gold.
Nose: Medicinal, phenolic, seaweedy, with a hint of estery sweetness.
Body: Medium, oily.
Palate: Seaweedy, salty, oily.
Finish: Round and very dry.

85–89 pts.: 12/31/2007

Aromas of new shoe leather, iodine, smoked trout, flowers, intense grain, soft cheese, peat-reek and dried seaweed. The palate entry is pleasantly smoky and grainy sweet; the midpalate flavors range from olive brine, seaweed, iodine, and wood smoke to baked pear, toffee and marshmallow. Concludes warm and toasty.

: June 1, 2001

Burnish gold in color; this quintessential Islay malt has a nose that’s intense with peat, iodine and stormy sea air. The heavy, oily body holds an unforgiving palate as it charges around the mouth with flavors that replicate the aromas precisely. The finish is rich, long, oily, and very peaty. There’s something about this whisky that makes it perfect for certain occasions — so perfect that almost nothing else will suffice. Think about a cold, rainy night when all you want is to curl up by the fire and get some heat in your stomach as well as on it.

: March 1, 2007

The golden color is brilliant and flawlessly pure. The initial sniffings after the pour immediately pick up new shoe leather, medicine chest/Band-Aid/iodine, smoked trout, and flowers; additional aeration time stimulates intense barley/grain/oatmeal and soft cheese notes that lie atop the mountain of peat-reek and dried seaweed. The palate entry is pleasantly smoky/ashy and grainy sweet; the midpalate stage offers many levels of flavor, from predictable olive brine, seaweed, iodine, and wood smoke to more exotic tastes of baked pear, toffee, and marshmallow. Concludes warm in the throat and toasty.

: December 1, 2004

Good, yes; delicate, no. Clocking in at a potent 57 percent alcohol, this is entirely Laphroaig (in fact, if you don’t add any water, it’s so Laphroaig that it hurts). The aroma suggests tar, peat resin, smoke and a touch of burnt rubber; the flavor is similar, though there’s also a viscous richness to the texture, as well as a surprise hint of apple fruit, all of it lasting long.

: January 1, 1995

Sweetness: 2
Peatiness: 10
Colour: Palish amber with slightly greenish tones.
Nose: Dry, heavy and peaty with a heathery smokiness.
Flavour: Full of character, very peaty and smoky with iodine/medicinal notes.
Finish: Lingering, smoky, smooth and unique.
Notes: Caledonian Distillers bottling.