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White Horse Scotch

1.75 L. | 80 proof


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White Horse
1.75 L.
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6 bottles

White Horse Scotch  NV / 1.75 L.

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Published Reviews

90–95 pts.: 12/31/2008

Lovely aromas of seaweed, green vegetable, straw, grain kernel, toasted almond, dried fruit, pastry and oak. On the palate, early tastes include light toffee, brown butter, almonds and pine; the dry midpalate features subtle peatiness, butter cream, cooking oil and bacon fat. Concludes oily, concentrated and peaty. Fantastic Value. Best Buy.

85–89 pts.: 11/15/2007

Selected blended Scotch Whiskies can be every bit as delightful, complex and alluring as single malts at one-half to one-third the price. Think I’ve lost my marbles? Fine. Then I challenge you to go and buy White Horse Blended Scotch Whisky for $17 and tell me that it doesn’t smell and taste remarkably similar to Lagavulin ($85 and up per bottle), one of Islay’s most revered single malts. Whit Horse does taste like Lagavulin because Lagavulin is the heart of the superbly satisfying White Horse blend.

80 pts.: 5/1/1997

Deep golden amber. medium-bodied. Light peat, sawdust, dried fruit. Subtle aromas lead a palate with some weight and an oily consistency through the finish, though without great flavor complexity.

: December 1, 2007

Bright topaz/amber color; flawless purity. I find quietly focused and firm scents of seaweed, green vegetable, straw, and grain kernel in the opening sniffs; after aeration, the bouquet turns seriously complex as added aromas of toasted almond, dried fruit, pastry, and oak joins in the fun. Entry bursts with single malt character as the early tastes include light toffee, sautéed butter, almonds, and pine; the dry midpalate juncture explodes with sea air, subtle peatiness, butter cream, cooking oil, and bacon fat. Concludes firm, oily, concentrated, and peaty/smoky. All the world’s dictionaries should place a photo of a White Horse bottle or label next tot eh words, “Blended Scotch Whisky”. In this price range, it lead the pack by fifteen lengthsd at the wine. Highly Recommended.