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Port wines are heavy, rich wines that are typically classified as dessert or after-dinner wines. Port hails from the city of Oporto, in Portugal, and is fortified with high-proof brandy called aguardente. As a result of its fortification, many Port wine brands can age for a very long time and increase in value and distinction with age.

The two main types of Port wine, Ruby and Tawny, are identifiable by their color and their taste profile: ruby port is not aged in wood and as such displays a bright reddish purple color and notes of fruit and spice; tawny port, aged in wood barrels, is darker in color and presents flavors of raisin, nut, and baking spices.

Port’s nutty, fruity and spicy flavors pair well with pies, tarts, or any sweet or semi-sweet desserts. Another good match for Port wines is a fruit or cheese tray that will show off the best elements of the wine’s delicate flavor notes.

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