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Why buy New York wine? Because New York's top Rieslings are equal to the greatest in the world at a fraction of the cost, and are some of the most food-friendly wines on the planet.

Why buy New York wine? Because New York's red wines, including cool-climate, true-to-terroir reds like Blaukfranisch, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir, as well as Bordeaux and Rhone varietals in the warmer regions of Niagara and Long Island, are better and more plentiful than ever.

In fact, there are lots of reasons to buy New York wines. The sparkling wines are wonderful. The Chardonnays range from delicate, chalky, unoaked bottlings to luscious and buttery showstoppers. Ice wine is the most cherished tradition in cool-climate winemaking.

The best reason to buy New York wine? It's delicious!

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  4. Great Western Brut

    NV / 750 ml. | Item#44651

    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Aurore | All Grapes: Aurora

    This item cannot be shipped. It's available for local delivery and in-store pickup only

    Not Shippable. Western New York Local Delivery and In-Store Pickup only. Learn More Sorry, this item is not available for shipment outside of the Western New York area. Either the bottle is too large for our packaging (i.e. we cannot ship anything larger than 750 ml), the dimensions/shape of the bottle doesn't fit within our packaging for safe shipment, or this is a widely-distributed wine (e.g. Barefoot, Yellow Tail, etc) which we only sell at our physical store or for in-store pickup.


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  5. Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi-Dry Riesling

    2019 / 750 ml. | Item#31526

    RP9090 pts. - Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate - 8th Oct 2020
    The 2019 Semi-Dry Riesling comes in with 11.5% alcohol, 22 grams per liter of residual sugar and seven grams of total acidity. Not quite as aggressive as the Dry Riesling, this nonetheless shows off its nice acidity early and often. Focused, precise and pure, it has fine balance. At this price level, this (like its sibling) is a no-brainer purchase. The Dry Riesling has a lot more energy, while this is predictably lusher. Reasonable minds and personal preferences might differ as to which is better. I’d give the nod to the Dry Riesling just now, but it might depend on my mood and how I would use it.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Riesling | All Grapes: Riesling

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  8. $9.99

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  9. $12.99

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  10. Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé

    2020 / 750 ml. | Item#44294

    WE9191 pts. - Wine Enthusiast - 11/1/2021
    A shade darker than previous vintages, this offers zesty aromas of juiced cherry and blackberry accented by delicate white pepper. There’s a linear, driven feel to the palate, where tart mixed berry flavors are framed by a gentle grip of tannins and a slick of limestone on the close.
    RP8787 pts. - Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate - 28th May 2021
    The 2020 Dry Rosé is all Cabernet Franc, coming in with six grams of residual sugar, 7.5 of total acidity and 12.2% alcohol. Light and bright, but showing fine intensity on the finish, this adds herbs and a touch of charred veggies, the Cab Franc character coming right through on opening. Eventually, that nuance faded and folded into the whole, leaving this pulpy and fruity with fresh flavors. The acidity makes this refreshing and dry, but it’s not shrill, thanks to the residual sugar. It’s not the most concentrated pink in this report, but it still seems surprisingly unctuous in texture in the mouth. This can do well on its own or with food, but I’d probably prefer to use it on its own. Drink it very young for best results.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Cabernet Franc | All Grapes: 100% Cabernet Franc

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  11. Red Newt Cellars The Knoll Riesling

    Lahoma Vineyards
    2014 / 750 ml. | Item#41115

    VN9595 pts. - Vinous - Jul 2016
    An extraordinary wine, this is Finger Lakes dry Riesling at its finest. The nose is an exotic combination of kefir lime, lemon candy, mint, and thyme. The palate is just as expressive as the nose, offering a perfect balance between flesh and acid—rather than one swelling as the other dwindles, they march in sync from entry through to finish. A wine of remarkable intensity and purity, the 2014 The Knoll concludes with an epic finish of tremendous mineral depth. 5 grams per liter residual sugar.
    RP9292 pts. - Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate - 30th Jun 2017
    The 2014 Riesling “Lahoma Vineyards — The Knoll” has been seen before, but it’s worth a checkup. It comes in with just five grams per liter of residual sugar, 7.5 of total acidity and 12.6% alcohol. On my first, earlier look, I suggested that I had seen some evidence that Red Newt’s Rieslings blossom and improve with age. I leaned up on this, partly for its potential, which is now being realized. This takes the 2013, adds concentration and a more caressing mouthfeel, while losing most of the petrol (there’s just a hint). It has fine acidity, but it also has the mid-palate to balance it. Increasingly beautiful, cellar time has only helped this. It should continue to improve over the next few years.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Riesling | All Grapes: Riesling

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  14. $8.99

    Only $8.09 each when you buy a solid or mixed case

  15. Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Riesling

    2019 / 750 ml. | Item#41053

    WE9292 pts. - Wine Enthusiast - 5/1/2021
    Well-concentrated aromas of apple and peach meld with crushed stone and yellow blossoms on the nose. There’s a real sense of energy and lift to the deft palate, where juicy shots of tangerine and pome fruit are lifted by vibrant acidity. The fruit lingers on the finish but with substantial lift.
    RP9191 pts. - Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate - 22nd Apr 2021
    The 2019 Dry Riesling comes in with seven grams of residual sugar and 12% alcohol. This is a blend of vineyards: 20% HJW vineyard, 25% Magdalena vineyard, 35% Josef vineyard and 20% Kasper vineyard. In the Finger Lakes, a mere seven grams of sugar can be diced, sliced and swallowed up–and that’s what happened here. Dry and a little steely, this shows off its purity and freshness most of all. It lacks anything resembling the charm of the 2019 Semi-Dry Riesling this report, and it is certainly far more backward. Indeed, it is likely to be better this time next year or even later in 2021. In the meanwhile, it shows off laser-like focus and a bright finish. For what amounts to the winery’s entry-level Dry Riesling, this is awfully good and a very nice value point in the lineup. I do think, after tasting them all again the next day, that the pricier wines here are more interesting and will eclipse this in time, but for the moment this competes well. It might well surprise us as time goes on, but it’s a bit too closed right now to be certain of that. There were 6,000 cases produced.
    WS9191 pts. - Wine & Spirits - 08/21
    Fred Merwarth uses this Dry bottling as a sort of touchstone for all of his riesling lots; since it’s his largest production, and most lots find their way into the blend. As the sum of many parts, this is edgy in its terpenic, lime freshness, dry, overtly perfumed and underlain with an ethereal white peach core. It’s very high toned with a lasting finish.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Riesling | All Grapes: Riesling


    Only $17.99 each when you buy a solid or mixed case

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